Guidelines for Submission to CASA2006 ~ Proceedings papers


We would firstly like to congratulate you on your paper being accepted into the CASA2006 Conference this year; the competition has been extremely tough due to the high number of submissions and the relatively low number of papers we were able to accept.

The deadline for submitting the final version of your paper will be on the:

22 th of May @ 23:59 GMT

One requirement of the conference is that all authors with an accepted paper register here before their papers can be passed for publication - this is an absolute must; however only one author / paper needs to register.


The format for final submission is detailed below:

  • Description of the required Template can be found here
  • The LaTeX Template can be found here
  • Example MS Word Document can be found here
CASA proceedings papers should have a length of maximum 10 pages in the proceedings submission style.
Please respect the proceedings style and the page limit in order to avoid major editing of the final version of your paper.


The following procedure must be observed in order that papers are published:

  1. All papers must be uploaded before 22 th of May @ 23.59GMT
  2. Each paper's main author must return a signed copyright form by fax to: +41 22 379 00 79
  3. Papers must be submitted as PDF and either MS Word or LaTeX (*.tex) Documents.
  4. Do not number document pages.
  5. Figures/Diagrams/Images should be:
    • Of at least 300dpi for images , and 600dpi for diagrams
    • Images should be printable/clear in both colour and black & white
Final versions should be submitted via the website here, using the login & password given in your acceptance mail.

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